2012 Premier League - Myerscough

I absolutely love these pictures! The arena looks great being decorated, I have never been anywhere with that before. William looks in really good condition. The photographer has really got some excellent shots of us both, lots of interesting angles and he has managed to capture all the things that went right (which doesn’t happen often with pictures!)
It was such an achievement for me to win at a Premier League, even if it was only the restricted section! I was thrilled when they put the sash on William, he wasn’t fazed at all and it suited him so well!

Championship Pictures

This gallery really shows the development of both me and William. The pictures span over ten years, showing our progression and training from the early years of prelim. We have been lucky enough to have qualified for the regional finals every year and at every level.
I love competing William at the bigger competitions, he really steps up a gear and thrives on the adrenaline of it all! Fingers crossed Olly will soon make his way into this gallery as well!

Home International

In my first and last year of BYRDS I was lucky enough to be selected to represent the North-West at the BYRDS Home International. I had worked so hard to get the required scores to be considered for selection, so I was ecstatic to be selected. I was so proud to be involved and to be able to compete in the flag of St George.
It was a great experience to be involved in; everyone really supports each other and it was great to meet like-minded ‘horsey’ people my age. All these years on, the bonds that were created are still strong; and it is great to keep up to date and support each other’s progress. These pictures remind me of the struggle and drive that I had trying to achieve selection for a team; and also taught me the importance of team work, as up until that point I had only ever had myself to consider.

Somerford Park Premier League 2012

These are another set of pictures that I really like to look at. It was the first time that I had competed in my Top Hat and Tails, so a big achievement for me. The weather was glorious, which made William look super shiny! I particularly like the shot of William doing his extended canter, I never thought we would ever be capable of a picture that that – fantastic!

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