Liverpool Wood Pellets

I have been working with Liverpool Wood Pellets for over 4 years. They provide a friendly and reliable service.

Wood pellets work in a similar way to cat litter. They start off as hard pellets but once you add water they turn into a light and fluffy bedding that is ideal for horses.

They are perfect for use with rubber matting, as they create a minimal bed that is very easy to manage. With wood pellets all the dirty bedding clumps together, which makes them very easy to muck out.

I particularly find wood pellets useful for a dirty horse. In these cases I lift the bed up then put a bag of dry pellets down before making the bed again. The wood pellets soak up any moisture instead of it saturating the bed.

Wood pellets are an excellent alternative to shavings – non palatable, dust free and economical.

For more information please contact Liverpool Wood Pellets on:
0151 236 9181 / 0151 207 7005

Rugwash Equine Laundry

Rugwash Equine Laundry is a family run business based in the Wirral area, covering Merseyside, Cheshire and the Northwest. They provide a professional rug cleaning, re-proofing and repair service for all equine and pet laundry.

There are lots of companies in the Wirral area providing this service but what sets Rugwash Equine Laundry apart is the service that they provide. They really put the customer’s needs first and due to having horses themselves, they really understand what their customers want.

Another great feature is that they tag every rug with its own permanent uniquely numbered identity tag. This prevents rugs getting lost, so you always know that the rug you send them is the one you will get back.

For more information:
07540 802346 / 0151 334 2733

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