When we first met Claire she very carefully spent time assessing our abilities, to identify our strengths and weaknesses before choosing how best to achieve our goals.

She is extremely knowledgeable, especially as she competes at top level herself. Her attention to detail is fantastic and she explains everything in simple terms. Legge and I are not the easiest combination to train; however Claire has always been happy to answer and clarify any questions I may have, which then allows me to continue working in a sensible and structured manner at home.

I believe this mixture of consistency with her enthusiasm and genuine interest is a key part of the reason will we continue to improve.

Louisa Jones

Working away from home for a large part of my time meant that I needed to put my horse on training livery. It was really important to me to have a reliable, sympathetic and caring yard that would provide a complete livery service and the best training from a knowledgeable and experienced dressage trainer.

I placed my horse in training livery with Claire Dutton Dressage and have now been there for the past 5 years and during this time I have always received a fantastic service both on the livery side as well as from the dressage training.

I have had complete peace of mind as my horses every need is taken care of. Farriers, vets, back checks and regular worming are all automatically organised taking all the pressure off having to be there to sort them out. The facilities at Bank Farm are fantastic and are constantly being updated. Claire and Sharon have really helped me develop my riding and dressage knowledge. They both take a great interest in both me and my horse and are always so supportive and encouraging.

Without having access to this fantastic service I would not have been able to achieve the results that I have. I have felt confident and happy that my horse is extremely well taken care of in all aspects of his training and care. I can’t recommend this service highly enough.

Chris Evans

I first became aware of Bank Farm last March when I went to see a horse that Claire was selling on behalf of a client. I fell in love with the horse and bought him. I thought it a good idea to keep my horse with Claire for a few months so I could get a bond with him and get used to him. Prior to purchasing the horse I had not ridden for six months, so I was a little rusty to say the least!

I quickly settled into life at Bank Farm, and the help and support I received was enormous. I had decided initially that I did not want to compete (dressage) but within 2 months of getting back in the saddle and with lots of encouragement I was out competing and getting amazing scores!

Claire and Sharon are fantastic instructors and always give a 100% no matter what level. Although I have to make the 84 mile round trip to get to the yard, it is definitely worth it. My horse is treated as if he was one of the Claire’s own horses, I know he wants for nothing. All his needs such as shoeing, injections, worming are recorded and I am reminded of anything that requires attention.

I have made great friends at the yard, everyone helps and supports each other no matter what discipline they do with their horse.

I would definitely recommend livery and/or training with Claire and Sharon at Bank Farm.

Pamela Cathcart

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