The Team

It takes a lot of time and effort to get the best out of any horse and rider and Claire is no different. She certainly wouldn’t be anywhere without the organisation and hard work that goes on behind the scenes!


Sharon – Claire’s mum and trainer

It is because of Sharon that Claire started riding in the first place; and Claire freely admits that she wouldn’t be half of the rider that she is today without all of Sharon’s guidance and support. Sharon has excellent knowledge, a real talent for problem solving and a good eye for a horse.

Colin – Claire’s stepdad

Colin, a keen golfer, has slowly been forced into the world of horses.  He is extremely competitive himself and enjoys the thrill of the competition.  Colin is an excellent mentor to Claire whilst she is competing.

Helen – Head Groom

Helen joined Claire in spring 2010, at that time she was only riding a couple of times a week in a riding school.  Helen started helping Claire a couple of days a week with general yard duties; this has now progressed into assisting with the running of the yard and the exercising of the horses.  Helen has a quiet nature which enables her to get along with any horse.  In the saddle she has a natural balanced seat, and is a true asset to the team.


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